How do we enter?
Through the front gate, signing in and paying at the front kiosk. 

How can I pay?
Cashless is the preference. We have EFTPOS facilities available but cash can be used if no alternative available (we have plenty of hand sanitiser available)

Where can I wash or sanitise my hands?
Hand washing facilities are in the bathrooms and hand sanitiser at various stations around the complex.

Can I use the change rooms and showers?
Yes, these facilities will be open but we request keeping them to a minimal use. Showers are just for a quick rinse off. 

Can I watch my child swim?
Yes, we still need to take safety seriously. Children need to be supervised at all times.  

Please be guided by our staff on where you may sit and please be respectful of staff if they ask you to move. 

How have group bookings changed?
Look at our group bookings page for details.